Janes provides insight in a complex world. We are a global open-source intelligence organization, focused on providing our clients with the highest levels of foundational intelligence, operational data, and tactical knowledge to accomplish their mission. Many know us from our past 123-year history as a publisher and provider of rich military equipment intelligence. Today, we are a technology-enabled, data-led organization providing assured, optimized data to meet mission needs.

Our approach is based on a unique philosophy, team structure and process that combines rich open-source research & analysis, interconnected assured data, and optimized data enrichment. For customers, we provide compelling innovations which simultaneously solve for both the unmet needs of the OSINT analyst, and the strategic, operational, and tactical needs of the organization.

Our global experience has shown that our unique approach of blending our assured Janes content with both client and third-party data sources dramatically improves the probability and speed of getting critical information into the hands of decision makers in a reliable, repeatable, and scalable manner.

Our obsession with delivering solutions to modern warfighters is embodied in a commercial model that provides customers with a cross-functional team of OSINT experts, data scientists, product specialists, and innovation professionals. This approach means we can adapt to rapidly changing mission priorities, adopt new technologies, and deliver interoperable solutions.

Being outcome-obsessed we forge a deeper partnership with our clients based on a shared urgency to get to real outcomes. Our approach to all-aspect OSINT was forged from two core truths we believe to be at the heart of the OSINT industry today.

OSINT data volume and velocity continues to accelerate while monitoring platforms fail to provide necessary context, leaving analysts spending time on low value tasks.

Brilliant, analytically based innovation strategies quickly fail if they aren’t backed by the creative spark to synthesize tangible, compelling offerings to ignite the marketplace and mobilize the organization to adapt and change in challenge environments.

Intelligence analysts and warfighters need trusted OSINT data that is timely, assured, and connected. They need modern solutions they can count on.

Janes’ approach was purpose-built to be the antidote to these pitfalls, and a catalyst to the outcome we all want: OSINT information delivered for actionable outcomes.

Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal