Tableau is an advanced analytics company, leading the industry by providing applications that help ordinary people better understand their data globally. With an innovative and driven approach, our multiple software options give the clarity needed when looking at data. Tableau offers the ability to access and manage data to its full capabilities.

Tableau plays a key and foundational role in TD SYNNEX Public Sector Analytics Stack performing the self-service BI and advanced data analytics functions in the stack’s analytics layer.

  • Desktop - Allows the customization of analytics that best fit the user. Creative tool; workbooks (dashboards, presentations, etc.) with free annual upgrades.
  • Server - Designed for organizations, allows them to securely connect to data sources. Enterprise tool; allows organizations to share, edit live data connections or automatic extraction. Most complete tool when it comes to sharing Storage for it has to be on site on the server, it’s scalable and can grow with companies -- supporting guest users (multiple logins), providing data governance
  • Online - Ability to work together and share analytics through the cloud, start using this within 5 minutes of purchase.
  • Public - Allows you to share your data and visualizations with the world, for free. Makes it available for everyone to see it and tell a story.
  • Reader - A free desktop application that interacts with visualizations.

ANALYTICS - Visualization displays data in a simple, understandable way. Features interactive dashboards, trend analysis, and calculations

CLOUD - Control ability to appoint site admins to manage who has control over content and data while meeting security requirements.

Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal

Tableau created a downloadable workbook with a starter dashboard and an embedded connection to a clean Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Data Stream that combines WHO and CDC case data. Anyone can blend their own data with this workbook to better understand the impact on their organization. Learn more.