Polarity moves your team from a state of spending valuable time searching through too much data in too many platforms, struggling with knowledge silos within and across teams, and having low visibility of what tools are providing value, to a state of immediate knowledge delivery, fast and informed decision making, and global visibility across your tools, data, and internal knowledge.

Polarity isn’t just another tool teams can add to their toolkit. It’s a unified view of all the tools, data, and knowledge that they use every day, and follows users throughout their workflow, eliminating the need to switch between endless tabs or search through chat/email history to complete a task. Polarity revolutionizes how teams work, what they spend their time doing (completing tasks, not searching for context), and how informed their day-to-day decisions are. 

Polarity Source Analytics shows a bird’s eye view of all the enterprise’s resources, giving leadership visibility into what is actually searched, what is actually observed and what context was actually available at the time their teams are conducting their work.


Polarity fuses together knowledge and data from across an organization with an expansive integration and annotation framework, enabling knowledge workers to make one search to find information across all of their tools, internal data sets, communication platforms, and team/cross-department knowledge. Polarity enables: 

  • Immediate knowledge delivery for informed decision making 
  • Full data visibility and asset awareness
  • Improved team communication and automated knowledge transfer for team member onboarding 

Users can connect to over 180 different tools inside of their environment or to external open source information. With Polarity’s integration framework, anyone can develop an integration quickly and get visibility into any data set. 
Polarity not only enables knowledge delivery through the integration framework, but also through our annotation framework. Polarity allows users to add and enrich any information so they and their entire team/organization can make better informed decisions. 

With Polarity Source Analytics, Polarity’s telemetry feature, leaders are able to understand what tools deliver value, make informed spending decisions, and remove process deficiencies.



Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
2GIT 47QTCA21A000Y Federal
Equalis Group CCoG – Cloud Solutions COG-2139A
GSA Multiple Award Schedules GS-35F-267DA Federal, State
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal