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January 01, 2023 - December 31, 2026

About Equalis Group

Equalis Group is a national cooperative purchasing organization that provides contracts competitively solicited by public agencies (Lead Agencies) for a wide array of products and services. Equalis Master Agreements are established through competitive solicitations conducted in accordance with public procurement guidelines ensuring members stay in compliance.

Equalis works hand-in-hand with its members and Lead Agencies to develop and deliver industry-leading solutions from highly qualified and experienced suppliers, including DLT Solutions, LLC. Public sector entities, including federal and state agencies, local governments, and educational institutions across the country can utilize Equalis cooperative agreements to:

  1. Quickly acquire the products and services they need.
  2. Receive better pricing through the collective buying power of Equalis Members;
  3. Leverage the expertise of awarded suppliers to develop the best solutions; and,
  4. Save time through Equalis’ legal and compliant exemption to conducting their own resource-consuming solicitation process.

Equalis is a Member-Driven organization that believes in the power of partnership: when working together, we achieve more.

Master Agreement Procurement Process

The Cooperative Council of Governments (CCOG), an Equalis lead agency, conducted a rigorous and transparent competitive public sector procurement process for Cloud Products & Services RFP# COG-2139. CCOG evaluated each response on both qualitative and cost criteria and awarded a contract to DLT Solutions, LLC as the responsible offeror whose proposal is most advantageous.

This contract was procured and awarded in accordance with the requirements of 2-C.F.R. Part 200, commonly referred to as “Uniform Guidance”, so you can spend federal grant and award dollars through this contract vehicle without having to conduct your own bid or request for proposals (RFP) for our Cybersecurity products and services.

Join Equalis Group

Public sector entities nationwide that join Equalis have immediate access to DLT Solutions LLC’s competitively solicited contract vehicle, as well as the entire Equalis portfolio of cooperative contracts. Each contract provides members with a legal and compliant exemption to the traditional bid/RFP process and the ability to configure the solution that best meets their individual needs while achieving the lowest total cost.

  1. Save Time – Equalis’ publicly procured, competitively solicited contracts save public sector entities time by providing them with a legal exemption from conducting their own bid or RFP process.
  2. Save Money – Equalis’ sourcing expertise combined with the collective buying power of Equalis members ensure that members save money when purchasing through Equalis Master Agreements.
  3. Stay Legal – Compliance is key. Equalis Lead Agencies’ rigorous procurement processes comply with statutory requirements and adhere to 2-C.F.R. Part 200 (Uniform Guidance), ensuring Equalis members can purchase through an entire portfolio of Master Agreements using federal funds with confidence and peace of mind.

Not a member yet? Any public sector entity in the country can join Equalis and begin utilizing any Equalis competitively solicited Master Agreement by completing the membership registration form. New members receive a fully executed copy of their completed membership form via email immediately and will quickly receive their Equalis membership number and welcome kit. There are no membership dues, fees, or obligations and completing the form takes less than five minutes.

Each Equalis member is assigned a dedicated point of contact to provide ongoing support, with a name, direct dial, and email address. This individual works tirelessly to help members manage the complexities of designing and implementing the best solutions through publicly procured Equalis agreements.

Learn More and Request a Quote

To learn more about the products and services DLT provides on its Equalis-CCOG-Cloud contract (COG-2127B) or to obtain a quote, please call 800.262.4DLT (4358), or email programmanagement@dlt.com or fax 866.708.6867.

For any unresolved issues, problematic orders, or post-delivery issues, please contact DLT's Contracts Program Office:

Chris Kline
Program Manager
Tel: 800.262.4DLT (4358)
Email: programmanagement@dlt.com

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