NetDocuments has been the leading cloud-based document management system (DMS) for over 20 years. The platform provides the necessary tools to keep millions of documents and emails secured in a single location where work can easily be created, edited, organized, stored, shared, and accessed from anywhere, on any device.

Increase Productivity, Collaboration, Organization, and Security

  • Organize for productivity. NetDocuments includes Workspaces, which makes it easy to organize your work by matter or project. It’s a safe digital space you can use to collaborate, access information, and share resources.
  • Locate documents quickly. Make finding NetDocuments content as fast and easy as a web search. With its powerful search capabilities and a customizable personal homepage, NetDocuments will help you locate documents quickly using straightforward filters, key words, favorites, and more.
  • Securely share content. Whether it’s a single file or a collection of documents, NetDocuments provides the tools you need to share information securely. This includes the ability to quickly convert Word documents to PDFs, zip groups of files together, and securely share NetDocuments content over email—all without impacting the original files.
  • Work anywhere confidently. access your work anywhere you have internet access using a laptop, desktop, or smartphone (iPhone and Android)—all while taking advantage of NetDocuments’ award-winning security.
  • Reduce workflow disruptions. Keep working in the applications you already know and trust, thanks to NetDocuments’ seamless integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Reader.
  • Connect your favorite tools. Use the robust NetDocuments App Directory to build and configure a solution that perfectly matches your team’s requirements. This includes integrating billing, matter management, and other essential capabilities.

Keep every communication organized with these intelligent features:

  • File with a single click. ndMail uses AI technology to predict and recommend filing locations for emails based on group and individual behaviors. In most cases, that means filing an email is as simple as clicking to confirm the suggested location.
  • Automatically file replies. With Conversation Filing, NetDocuments automatically stores replies and forwarded emails in the same location as the original message.
  • Work from anywhere. If you can access Outlook, you can take advantage of ndMail’s document management capabilities. That makes it easy to keep working and stay productive anywhere—even when you’re offline.
  • Keep your flow. If you regularly file emails to a limited number of locations, you can use ndMail’s Folder Mapping and Pinning to gain quick access to frequently used documents and file emails with a simple drag and drop.
  • Avoid duplicate filings. With ndMail’s Global Filing Indicator, everyone on your team receives an Outlook alert every time an email gets filed in NetDocuments. This makes it easy to avoid duplicate filings and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Save emails with confidence. When you file emails in NetDocuments, they receive the same protections and safeguards as all of your other NetDocuments content, including multi-layered encryption, dual-custody, geo-aware storage, and more.

Case Study: Large Public University

In order to unite 200 lawyers and legal professionals across separate campuses and administrative offices, streamlining communication was key for one of the United States’ largest public universities. But the leadership team knew that any real-time messaging system they implemented would have to meet their rigorous governance and security standards.

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When Your Documents Stop Playing Hide and Seek, That’s Work Inspired

Lawyers have enough on their plates without the constant drain of tedious administrative tasks or the endless hunt for important documents. With the NetDocuments platform, you can access your documents from anywhere, file emails automatically, and spend more time focusing on creating better legal outcomes.

Give your lawyers the tools they need to Work Inspired. Learn more about NetDocuments today.

NetDocuments achieves FedRAMP authorization to service federal, state, and local government with email and document management system.

NetDocuments, secure and cloud-based content services platform for government agencies, announced it has received FedRAMP Authorization for a new instance of its Cloud Service offering dedicated to meeting government requirements. NetDocuments is among the first purpose-built native cloud document management and content services vendors to be FedRAMP Authorized.

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Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
CIO-CS HHSN316201500012W Federal
Equalis Group CCoG – Cloud Solutions COG-2139A
NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Multi-State Multi-Vendor IDIQ AR2480 State Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming
National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) - Systems and Information Management Software 01-136 / 01-164 National Texas
OMNIA Partners, Public Sector Software IDIQ R190902 State Texas
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal
TIPS 210101 State Texas