Big Data & Analytics, Data and Analytics, Federal Government, Geospatial, Market Intelligence June 22, 2023
As the demand for trustworthy visual data collection and advanced technologies to support strategic decision-making continues to rise, geospatial intelligence plays a vital role in delivering essential military and environmental insights to the intelligence community. Recently at the GEOINT Conference in St. Louis, leaders from several intelligence agencies shed light on the future of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and its relationship with emerging technologies.
Application Lifecycle, DevSecOps, Federal Government, State & Local Government, Technology June 22, 2023
Government agencies strive to lower the cost of products and services to save taxpayers money. They also aim to shorten “procurement administrative lead time,” or PALT—the time from identification of need to delivery of value—to expedite their missions without delay. 
Application Lifecycle, Business Applications, Federal Government, State & Local Government June 15, 2023
Case work is the universal working style of government agencies. Everything from handling customer service inquiries to issuing permits to responding to weather events—in short, any workflow a public sector organization handles—is a “case” that requires a systematic approach from start to finish.
Market Intelligence, Technology June 1, 2023
The Market Insights team is closely monitoring the immediate and long-term effects of the debt ceiling agreement, and we'll keep you informed of any updates. Here are our initial observations: Immediate Impact:
Application Lifecycle, State & Local Government, Technology May 15, 2023
The good news is that we’ve officially moved into the next phase of the pandemic, where the White House expects the threat of serious illness to be considerably diminished. But the bad news? Nearly 18 million Americans stand to lose the Medicaid benefits granted to them during the public health crisis as eligibility determinations return to pre-pandemic guidelines.
Federal Government, Market Intelligence, Technology May 11, 2023
Edge computing is transforming the public sector, providing increased efficiency, better decision-making, and improved services. The use of AI and machine learning is driving the adoption of edge computing in both federal and state/local government sectors. We will be examining what edge computing means for the public sector, explore recent developments and specific federal contracts, and discuss opportunities for information technology (IT) vendors and partners in this growing field.