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Google Earth and Maps Enterprise

Google Earth and Maps allows you to view, understand, and make decisions about location-based information using Google’s industry-leading mapping tools. Combining, their familiar and user-friendly mapping products with added enterprise-focused features, gives you the flexibility and accessibility you need to efficiently use geospatial technology.

Google Earth empowers users with additional mapping capabilities including importing data, measuring areas, printing higher resolution images, and making your geospatial data accessible to specific employees.

Google Maps helps you to: securely store, manage, and share your geospatial data in the cloud; improve the efficiency of your teams in the field; visualize data and track mobile assets with easy-to-use interactive maps.


Google Earth and Maps Enterprise

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Google Earth Pro


Quickly compute distances and areas using line, path, polygon and circle measurement tools.


Import large vector and image files that are automatically converted to KML and optimized for streaming.


Export movies to showcase your business and print high resolution views for posters and marketing campaigns.


Utilize Google Earth Pro's exclusive Data Layers to explore untapped markets, locate your target demographic, and expand your business.


Enjoy faster performance, access to email support, ad-free browsing, and licensing permissions for your business needs.

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Google Earth Enterprise

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Safe and Secure

Create custom layers for Google Maps or Google Earth with private data and limit use to only a department or an organization. Leverage the same security you already have in your current organization with data that resides entirely on-site.


View your custom map layers on the go - even when connectivity is lacking - with the Google Earth Enterprise Portable solution.


Google Earth Enterprise creates map layers with private data, viewable on Google Earth and Google Maps. Any employee who is familiar with Google Earth or Maps can view your organization's data - without worrying about learning a new software program.

Controllable Data

Manage how your data is viewed by your users with control over everything from color and visibility, to the attributes exposed in the pop-up bubbles. Updates to your sensitive data remain in your organization's hands.

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Google Maps Engine

Cost Effective and Scalable

There are no capital costs for hardware & software so capacity can be scaled to meet unexpected demand without requiring a large initial investment in your own data center.

Invisible IT That Just Works

Never worry about server maintenance, backups and disaster recovery, which reduces your ongoing running costs.

Easy to use and share

Share your geospatial data with specific users across a variety of devices. Sharing data is as easy as clicking the upload and publish button.

Mobile ready

Mobile workers can access maps and collaborate with colleagues from any web-enabled device. The Google Earth Android app is able to connect securely to Google Maps Engine and display your maps.


With our model of continuous innovation, Google Maps Engine customers are always using the latest version with no need to install updates or upgrade servers.

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Google Maps Coordinate


People are shown in real-time on a Google Map, making it easy to assign jobs to the nearest available team member allowing work to be scheduled in a smarter, more efficient way. Coordinate also syncs with Google Indoor Maps.

Job Management

Workers can see a list of their jobs, and check in to show that they have started. This reduces miscommunication between the worker and dispatcher.

Data Capture

Using their mobile device, workers can view detailed information about the job, as well as, add their own notes which are immediately stored in the cloud.

Custom POIs

A custom point of interest (POI) enables you to add information to a map such as customer sites, the location of facilities, or areas to avoid.

Job and Location History

The location history of each worker can be shown, which helps to make more informed decisions about how teams operate and improve the efficiency of the mobile workforce.

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Google Maps API

Worldwide Data

Explore worldwide map coverage in Google Maps API for Business with high resolution imagery, Google Maps Street View panoramas and international road and POI coverage, without investing in base map data.

Mobile Ready

Use the same Google Maps API code for multiple phones and desktops, saving your developers from wasting time on writing code for multiple browsers. Google Maps API for Business allows you to develop mapping applications that run natively on mobile phones or within a phone's browser

Customizable Features

Incorporate your brand and style into Google Maps with tools to resize the map, implement custom search, and create Stylized Maps for branded looks - even remove map features for a simplified mapping experience.

Developer Friendly

Quickly implement interactive Google Maps API for Business and have an application that is optimized for both desktop and mobile web. The extensive Google Maps API documentation and developer community helps your developers to create maps quickly and the flexible JavaScript API lets your business make sleek and fast maps.