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View this on-demand webcast to understand how Google Search Appliance 7.0 can bring secure search technology to your agency's own data and deliver the simple yet powerful search experience users have come to expect, with multiple new capabilities.
Government Agencies like SPAWAR have Discovered Better Workflow with Comprehensive Search
View this on-demand webcast to see how government agencies, like SPAWAR are improving productivity and discovering a better workflow with comprehensive search from Google.
This on-demand webcast, presented by DLT Solutions and Cloud Sherpas, highlights how government agencies can discover a better way to work with Google Apps for Governement.
87% of federal employees spend about one and a half hours each day searching internal databases for information. The time spent searching equates to more than a month of work time each year, and considering the average federal salary of $74,403, that results in an estimated $15.4 billion spent annually for employees to search for internal documents.