Container Security: Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures

Containers offer many advantages for management, deployment, and efficient development of applications.  Like any technology, however, they are subject to attack from malicious actors, and require diligent security.  Vulnerabilities can appear in the container images themselves, in the registry where they are stored, or in the orchestration and deployment of the images.  Let’s take a look.

Image Vulnerabilities & Countermeasures

From Financial to Federal: Three Hot Technologies Impacting Government IT

Want a good idea of “what’s coming next” in federal IT? Look no further than the financial services industry.

Consider the similarities between financial firms and government agencies. Both are highly regulated and striving for greater agility and efficiency and better control of their networks and data—not to mention both are highly regulated. Meanwhile, cybersecurity remains a core necessity for organizations in both industries.

Troubleshooting Dockerfile Builds with Checkpoint Containers

The scene

I recently ran into some problems compiling code while building a docker image using a Dockerfile. The compile process wasn't working, so the failed `make install` was stopping the container image from being built. There's 3 ways I could have approached troubleshooting this failed build. I used what I'm calling a "checkpoint container" to troubleshoot quickly and get back on track with the rest of the build process.

Dockerfile quick tour

Dockerfiles are an ordered list of instructions for the `docker build` process.