Safer Workplace Designs: The Next Normal For Open Office Layouts

Let’s face it: the days of open offices are over. The pandemic likely drove the final nail in the coffin of a design fad that was all the rage but fails to meet the safety and productivity needs of today’s workplaces.

That’s no easy task in the face of a pandemic that shut the economy down for months and continues to wreak havoc. But employers are reopening workplace doors and welcoming employees back—and Archibus is ready to help with safe back-to-work transitions.

Adapting open offices can require removing or moving desks or installing partitions between seats. With Archibus Space Console (in release V25.2), facilities managers can designate seats as “Do not use” to meet social distancing guidelines. The console also allows you to change the circle radius around single desks for specific standards set by individual businesses.


Seat management is just one part a the bigger equation. The pandemic has forced many businesses to leverage remote work options, and now is driving employers toward alternative in-office work schedules.

Archibus Space Console helps set return-to-work schedules using cohorts and phases to bring employees back. We allow facilities managers to track and manage where cohorts and phases sit. Archibus even emails employees about their scheduling cohort/phase, as well as where they’ll sit to make the transition easier.


In addition to managing reservations, the Archibus Maintenance Console allows facilities managers to auto-schedule cleaning work requests after each hoteling session. Employees will know you care about their personal safety and quick turnaround times means you’re making the most of the space you have.


To learn more about how Archibus can help you optimize your back-to-work designs, download our Back-to-Work Guide or visit our Back-to-Work Resource Center.