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State Medicaid programs serve millions of people in our nation, yet engagement in these programs is transactional rather than holistic. Members find the processes complex and confusing and are often bounced from system to system searching for information. Providers also face challenges navigating the complexities of enrollment, claims, and encounter processing while fulfilling requirements that allow care to be delivered.

Medallia Customer Experience (CX) offers a meaningful way to address these and many other issues that hamper program effectiveness and healthy outcomes.

Join us as we discuss: Trends in customer engagement in State Medicaid Programs

  • How to boost member engagement by building journey maps that feature critical touchpoints in eligibility, enrollment, accessing services etc.
  • How to deploy digital, email-to-web, contact center & mobile feedback channels at these critical touchpoints.
  • How agencies like the Department of Veteran Affairs are using Medallia to improve provider and Veteran trust and overall experience.


  • Lee Becker VP Solutions Principal, Medallia, Inc
  • Tom Byrne VP SLED, Medallia, Inc
  • Lorrie Scardino Managing Director, Blue Tack Consulting

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