Three key takeaways from this document include:

  • The deficit of trust: The document highlights that there is often a deficit of trust between AppSec teams and developers in application security. AppSec teams struggle to persuade developers to fix vulnerabilities, and developers face challenges in prioritizing security issues and acquiring the necessary knowledge and tools.
  • Prioritizing the greatest impact: To build trust and improve the developer experience, it is crucial to prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities and focus on fixing them first. By demonstrating a commitment to improving the developer experience and addressing their specific needs, AppSec teams can rebuild trust and collaboration.
  • Customizing AppSec and integrating it into developers' workflow: AppSec solutions should be tailored to each unique application, considering the variations in programming languages and application nuances. Seamless integration of AppSec into developers' ecosystem and workflow makes it easier for them to fix vulnerabilities without slowing down. Equipping developers with the necessary tools and knowledge helps them learn and grow as security champions.

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