Four Questions with Four CAD Experts | Part Two – 3D Printing & Doing More With Less

DLT Solutions and [acronym] Magazine cosponsored the Public Sector CAD Awards last week. This two-part, four-question series will recap a conversation with the four judges called “Digital Design Tech, Trends, and Talking Points for 2013 – A Q&A with Public Sector Industry Pros.” Acronym Online editor Caron Beesley moderated the presentation. The judges were:

The Next Chapter in Hi-Tech Material Innovation is in the Open

We live in a convergence era of infinite computation, sensors, and materials that can be combined to create brand new possibilities. The speed of making a material transition from concept to production has increased and the cost has decreased exponentially. Decades ago, it would take you years and thousands of dollars to develop a product, but now it can take you hours and less than one-hundred dollars. This has happened because digital manufacturing is now mostly open source and open design, allowing people to utilize a community to create a better product.