Celebrating 10 Years of Acronym - Cadalyst Expert Interview with our Editor

10 years ago we had the genesis of an idea - to start a publication that catered exclusively to an under-served sector - government CAD users.

Filled with tips, ideas, insights and examples of CAD and digital design at work in government, Acronym Magazine was first published in 2005. Now 10 years later, we've gone completely digital and are still the ONLY blog that addresses the needs of public-sector CAD users.

[acronym] Public Sector CAD Awards 2011! Meet our Winners

Yesterday the team at [acronym] was honored to host the first ever public sector CAD awards at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Recognizing the best in digital design innovation the event brought together a broad cross-section group of finalists from across the nation and the world (we even had submissions from Guam). Each of these finalists underscored the commitment of public sector organizations and the contracting community that supports them to deliver unrivaled innovation and value through the use of digital design tools. We also had a pretty awesome keynote speaker – Vernice “Flygirl” Armour – who shared her experiences on how to overcome even the most daunting obstacles – regardless of in flight, in business or in government.