6 Steps to Giving Data Backup the Respect It Deserves

Data is an incredibly important asset. Unfortunately, too many agencies continue to treat data as an easily replaced commodity.

But we’re not talking about a database administrator’s (DBA) iTunes library. We’re talking highly sensitive and important government data that can be too easily lost or compromised.

It’s time to stop treating data as a commodity and create a secure and reliable data recovery plan by following a few core strategies.

When a Storm Comes, Forget the Candles, Backup Your Data!

As hurricane Sandy began pummeling our nation’s capitol last night, and as everyone was busy buying batteries, candles, and water, I was reminded of data backup storage. As a species we’ve been wired to adapt to no electricity or hot water for a good number of days. We’re used to it: It wasn’t until 1891 that the White House was wired, and even then President Benjamin Harrison was too afraid to use the light switches. However, we are not wired to deal without our data. Collecting data and knowing it’s going to be there whenever we boot up our computer, tablet or smart phone – sunshine or rain – is relatively new.