Decide & Do: 4.5 Ransomware Actions

Are you next? Will criminals target your organization with ransomware? No one can say for sure, so prepare now.

Here are four and a half critical decisions to make – and things to do – before a crisis hits.  

(What’s half a decision, you ask? What’s half an action, you may wonder. Read to end if you want to find out).

1. Do: Have a plan

This sounds so obvious, but I have seen major organizations in business and government scrambling to respond to a ransomware attack. Your plan should include at least these elements?

Don Maclean on Trusting Zero Trust Architecture

Original article published by Signal Magazine here.

Many federal government agencies are interested in improving their cybersecurity by moving to a zero trust architecture model. But such a move, while very beneficial to the organization, is a complex and involved process that requires some fundamental changes in how security and operations are approached, says Don Maclean, chief cybersecurity technologist for DLT Solutions.