Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report: Turning Thought to Action

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission recently released a groundbreaking report detailing 75 recommendations for improving the cybersecurity of the nation, including both the private and public sectors. The Commission, bipartisan in both name and spirit, conducted over 300 meetings with industry, academia, U.S. government, think tanks and foreign governments. I had the privilege of participating in this effort. The result is a comprehensive report that urges immediate and concrete action on its recommendations, organized into six pillars”:

Cybersecurity Has a Posse

At RSA this year, Chris Krebs gave an important talk: “Cybersecurity Has a Posse” where he stressed the importance of collaboration between government and industry to fight the cybersecurity war. He started by pointing out that his agency, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is an “all-source” group. He meant that CISA collects threat information from sources all over the world, including government agencies, private industry, and more. Krebs’ group consolidates that information and disseminates it – daily – to security professionals across all industries.

GovDefenders Wednesdays | NASCIO Midyear Conference: Focus on Cybersecurity

DLT Solutions has been a corporate member of the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) for several years. We support the organization's conferences and serve on several NASCIO committees. This year's Midyear Conference was held in April in Washington D.C. and was attended by about 500 state CIOs, CIO staff members, and corporate sponsors. The event is usually rich with panels on topics of keen interest to members and presentations by Federal Government officials, and this year was no exception.