The Art of Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the art and science of ensuring that someone is who they say claim to be. This ensures that they have the correct level of access to systems and data – enough to do their job, but no more. IAM systems cover a wide range of features, but typically include:

An Interview with Oracle’s Director of Cybersecurity Strategy: Part 3 - Private Sector & Foreign Cybersecurity & the Future

Paul Laurent, Oracle’s Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Public Sector, talks to us about public sector cybersecurity for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The following Q&A is part three of a three-part series where we talk private sector and foreign cybersecurity, and the future.

Online Identity: Evolve or Perish!

The following noteworthy identity management statement comes from the Cyberspace Policy Review issued last year by President Obama: “Build a cybersecurity-based identity management vision and strategy that addresses privacy and civil liberties interests, leveraging privacy-enhancing technologies for the Nation.” To be clear, I am an avid opponent of “anonymity for all” on the web. I do not think it is in our common interest to have anonymous communication in the public sector. I know that I will draw the ire of many who view the Internet as a constitutional right, but I persist with this view because the very nature of our constitution provides for the free and open exchange of ideas in the public forum. With this protection in place why would we need anonymity given the extreme handicap that it places on us in processing information?