Paul kim

Federal User Groups: A Valuable Resource for All IT Pros premium
The federal IT landscape is continually changing – consolidation initiatives, the Joint Information Environment (JIE), security directives and policies, and technology adoption all add to its fluctuating nature. With all of these variables, it is important that federal IT pros are equipped with the right tools to gain a full understanding of the health and […]
March 20, 2015
Three Strategies for Fighting the Growing Issue of Insider Threats premium
By Chris LaPoint, VP of Product Management, SolarWinds Altruistic hackers are slowly becoming more prominent in pop culture, specifically in TV shows in which they are young geniuses using their skills to help those in need. Their derring-do involves taking control of everything from airplanes to traffic signals, all in the name of good. And […]
February 23, 2015
No Network, No Services premium
Essential Network Monitoring Needs for Today’s Complex Federal IT Infrastructure By Chris LaPoint, SolarWinds It was all about the network In the past when we thought about IT, we primarily thought about the network. When we couldn’t get email, we’d blame the network. Can’t access the internet? Must be the network. We would talk about […]
IPv6 – A Stealthy Threat within the World’s Most Secure Networks? premium
The adoption of IPv6 among federal agencies is happening at a faster clip than among commercial sectors. This adoption is fueled by federal mandates that agencies use IPv6 for all public-facing Internet websites and applications