Pete Kelsey

March 9, 2012
Food for the Soul – A Little AEC Knowledge Shared goes a Long Way premium
By Pete Kelsey, Technical Account Manager, Autodesk, Inc. 2011 marked my 20th year working in the AEC space. In those 20 years I’ve been incredibly lucky to have worked on projects great and small in the private and public sectors all over the world. One might assume my proudest moments would be related to massive projects like The Bay Bridge, The World Trade Center, etc. While I am proud that I have touched many, iconic mega-projects; whenever I am asked what is the work I am most proud of my answer is always the same. I love sharing my knowledge / experience / expertise with AEC technology with folks who in most circumstances might not ever be exposed to it.
July 20, 2010
3D is Only the Beginning premium
4D and 5D modeling for the AEC industry is gaining momentum in the press and with software developers. In fact, applications that handle 4D and 5D modeling are rapidly becoming a reality. Read more about how these new dimensions bring time, space and cost savings for designers.
July 15, 2010
The Crumbling Wall Between CAD & GIS premium
I think it is a fair statement to say that at long last the wall dividing the CAD and GIS communities has crumbled. You have probably noticed many of the trade magazines are devoting articles with titles like “Bridging the Gap between CAD and GIS,” “GIS for Surveyors,” and “Integrating CAD & GIS.” In this article I will endeavor to convince you that the dark ages, where only those early adopters who dwell out on the bleeding edge dare to tread, is over. It is not only perfectly safe to integrate the two technologies but it is relatively simple. If you don’t begin these efforts soon you may find that the folks who have are leaving you far behind.