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When increasing your delivery speed by adopting a DevOps posture, you increase your risk of exposure to security vulnerabilities.  Innovations like cloud automation does not address the entire application lifecycle.  Public sector agencies risk aversion promotes security top of mind hence the DevSecOps nomenclature.  Federal leaders command the ability to enable, accelerate and enforce security earlier in the development cycle.  Increasing speed should not come at the cost of security.

*Did you know?

  • 56% of code changes take a week or more
  • 50% of primary software services are running in the cloud
  • 75% have no automated security testing
  • 31% have no automation at all citing time and budget constraints

Accelerate innovation. Deploy faster. Reduce risk.
Whether you are just beginning your DevSecOps journey or well on your way in your transformation, the aim of TruStacks is to take the guesswork out of "Where do I start" and standardize on industry best practices.

Join Cornerstone and DLT on Thursday, June 9 at 11am EST to receive a TruStacks planning framework and begin accelerating your DevSecOps to:

  • Start and enforce industry best practices
  • Reduce time to achieve mission goals
  • Innovate and deliver efficiently
  • Lower technical debt
  • Automate standards

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