Department of Navy Oracle III ESLA

Contract Number:
N00189-23-F-R3638 / NNG15SC98B
Period of Performance:
May 31, 2023 - May 30, 2028

Contract Overview:
The Department of Navy (DON) has an existing and on-going need for Oracle software products and maintenance. This acquisition is for the establishment of an Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA), DON Oracle III, which will include an Agency Catalog and an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) also known as unlimited deployment program (UDP). The DON intends to use the National Aeronautical and Space Administration Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement V (NASA SEWP V) Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicle to establish the ESA. Implementation of this acquisition strategy for DON Oracle III will benefit all Navy and Marine Corps information systems by providing a strategic enterprise level acquisitioned vehicle with specific terms, conditions, and additional discounts. This is a follow-on agreement to the DON Oracle II ESA, N0018918DQ001, and will continue to ensure that the DON is in accordance with the DON Chief Information Officer (CIO) software campaign.

Mandated Source of Supply:
The use of Department of the Navy (DON) Enterprise Software Licensing (ESL) Agreements is mandated per the February 22, 2012, DON Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN) Research, Development, & Acquisition (RDA)/ASN Financial Management & Comptroller (FMC) memorandum to achieve maximum cost savings.

Authorized Users:

  • United States Department of the Navy (“DON”). 32 CFR 700.203(b) states that DON “is composed of the following: (1) The Office of the Secretary of the Navy; (2) The Office of the Chief of Naval Operations; (3) The Headquarters, Marine Corps; (4) The entire operating forces, including naval aviation, of the Navy and of the Marine Corps, and the reserve components of those operating forces; (5) All field activities, headquarters, forces, bases, installations, activities and functions under the control or supervision of the Secretary of the Navy; and (6) The Coast Guard when the Coast Guard is operating as a service in the Navy.” 32 CFR 700.204 states that the principal elements of DON (“PEDs”, and each a “PED”) are: “(a) The Department of the Navy consists of three elements[:] the Navy Department, the Operating Forces of the Navy and the Marine Corps, and the Shore Establishment[;] (b) The Navy Department refers to the central executive offices of the Department of the Navy located at the seat of Government. The Navy Department is organizationally comprised of the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Headquarters, Marine Corps. In addition, the Headquarters, Coast Guard, is included when the Coast Guard is operating as a service in the Navy[;] (c) The operating forces of the Navy and the Marine Corps comprise the several fleets, seagoing forces, Fleet Marine Forces, other assigned Marine Corps Forces, the Military Sealift Command and other forces and activities that may be assigned thereto by the President or the Secretary of the Navy[; and] (d) The shore establishment is comprised of shore activities with defined missions approved for establishment by the Secretary of the Navy.”
  • Exclusion. For purposes of this EUOD, the scope of Authorized Licensee excludes the following:
    • U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine;
    • any entity for which DON is serving as a DoD Executive Agent pursuant to DoD Directive 5101.01, DoD Executive Agent, including but not limited to Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support; Defense Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Prevention Program; Defense Resources Management Institute; Development and Maintenance of the “Catch a Serial Offender” Program Server and Searchable Database; Force Protection of Military Sealift Assets; High School News Service; Maritime Domain Awareness; Non-Lethal Weapons; and Printed Circuit Board and Interconnect Technology;
    • any entity for which the DON is serving as a DoD Combatant Command Support Agent (CCSA) pursuant to DoD Directive (DoDD) 5100.03, Support of the Headquarters of Combatant and Subordinate Unified Commands, including but not limited to HQ U.S. Pacific Command, HQ U.S. Forces Japan, HQ Alaskan Command, and HQ Special Operations Command Pacific and subordinate unified command headquarters thereunder; AND
    • any entity or successor/reorganized entity for which the Department of the Navy Special Access Program Central Office is/or becomes the oversight authority or cognizant authority in accordance with DoD Directive 5205.07, Special Access Program (SAP) Policy.

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