Department of the Navy Red Hat II EA

Contract Number:
Period of Performance:
December 27, 2021 - December 26, 2026

What is the Red Hat II Enterprise Agreement?

The Department of the Navy established a single vendor NASA SEWP V Navy Agency Catalog to provide a full range of Red Hat commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to include an Enterprise Agreement (EA) for DON’s core Red Hat software products.

  • Agency Catalog Effective Date: Dec 27, 2021
  • Agency Catalog Expiration Date: Dec 26, 2026

Mandated Source of Supply

The use of Department of the Navy (DON) Enterprise Software Licensing (ESL) Agreements is mandated per the February 22, 2012, DON Chief Information Officer (CIO)/ Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN) Research, Development, & Acquisition (RDA)/ASN Financial Management & Comptroller (FMC) memorandum to achieve maximum cost savings.

Who can use it?

  • DON Headquarters
  • Navy Programs and OPFORS
  • USMC Programs and OPFORS
  • All Navy and USMC bases, installations, and field activities
  • Reserve components
  • U.S. Coast Guard*
  • Contractors (on behalf of DON)**

* When operating as apart of the Navy pursuant to law.

**If authorized by their respective Contracting Officer in accordance with the requirements of SEWPV Section A.1.12. Individual Authorized to issue orders.

What is Provided Under the Agreement?

The Red Hat Enterprise Agreement consists of two parts:

1. Enterprise Agreement (EA):

  • RHEL Server x86 Variants
    • RHEL Server (Basic)
    • RHEL for Virtualization Datacenters
    • RHEL Monitoring
    • RHEL for HPC Head Node
    • RHEL for SAP Applications
    • RHEL for SAP HANA
    • RHEL Preloads and L3 Production Support
    • All server instances will come with Smart Management* add-on capabilities
  • RHEL Client
    • RHEL Workstation
    • RHEL Desktop
    • RHEL for HPC Compute Mode
    • All server instances will come with Smart Management* add-on capabilities
  • RHEL Real Time
    • RHEL for Real Time
  • RHEL Add-Ons
    • High Visibility
    • Resilient Storage
    • Network Load Balancer
    • Smart Management
  • RHEL Management and Provisioning Tools
    • Red Hat Satellite
  • 10,000 LS220 Standard Training Subscriptions
  • 4,000 Consulting Hours Annually

2. NASA SEWP Navy Agency (AC) Catalog Products: Red Hat’s remaining products are available for separate procurement from the DON Agency Catalog.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Application Services
  • OpenStack
  • OpenShift
  • Training and Certifications
  • Ansible Automation
  • Software-Defined Storage
  • Confirmed Stateside Support
  • Professional & Consulting

For Information on the Contract, Products, or Subscription Questions:

Visit the PEO EIS Website: (CAC required)

To Access the DON Red Hat II Marketplace:

Visit the DLT Solutions Portal Website:


For Questions:



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