New York OGS Services

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September 09, 2015 - September 08, 2024

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The Project Based Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services Contracts streamline the procurement of IT Consulting Services for Authorized Users of NYS OGS Centralized Contracts. Services required by an Authorized User can be obtained via an expedited competitive Mini-Bid process. Authorized User Agreements awarded as a result of Mini-Bids under this Centralized Contract will result in fixed-price deliverable-based agreements for Consulting Services.

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To learn more about the products and services DLT provides for New York OGS Services (PB011AA) or to obtain a quote, please call 800.262.4DLT (4358), or email or fax 866.708.6867.

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For any unresolved issues, problematic orders, or post-delivery issues, please contact DLT’s Contracts Program Office:

Chris Kline
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