AVUITY was founded in 2012 as a part of an architecture and design firm headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. Initially functioning as the data-driven technology arm of the firm, AVUITY was able to leverage the insight-led design background of the partnership to develop hardware and software that not only measures workplace usage, but apply work trends, spatial understanding, and design thinking into the company’s core competencies.

With the release of VuSensor, VuBook, and later VuAI, AVUITY quickly grew into an industry leader in manufacturing both sensor hardware and the software needed to compile, digest, and manage key analytics for clients across the globe. AVUITY has since grown beyond the initial data-focused subsidiary into a fully independent technology firm, expanding to meet our clients’ needs. We strive to innovate so that we may support others in understanding their spaces, achieve workplace strategy goals, and improve employee experience.

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