Curator’s mission is to empower instructors by removing technological barriers and allowing them to do what they do best: teach.

The Future of Learning

The days of a single method of teaching are over. People learn in many ways, and Curator believes that they should all have access to information and learning methods that are most productive for them. Curator envisions a future where courses can be tailored for all kinds of learners, and information is accessible to everyone, no matter how they learn. Curator strives to perfect our feedback loops so that instructors are always able to see what’s working and tweak what isn’t. Ultimately, Curator aims to put power back in the hands of instructors and their students by creating the most seamless, accessible, and effective learning platform.

Content Creation
Curator Educate allows you to effectively create and deploy training modules with no coding knowledge to bring your employees up to speed on company processes, skills, and certifications.

Content Creation - online content creation
Content Storage – easily store and find your content
Course Deployment – globally, anytime, anywhere

Course Deployment
Curator Educate was built with deployment integrations in mind. Curator wants you to have the power to publish to any platform, across any device, with the least amount of work. Some of our deployment features include:

  • Connect Curator to your LMS a single time and easily deploy new content when you've created it.
  • No LMS? Export your course or learning assets in HTML5 of SCORM formats.
  • Distribute content across all devices and to iOS and Google Play Apps.
  • If you're not ready to publish immediately, schedule a deployment for a specific day and time.

Companies – train your employees with engaging courses.

Learning Management Systems – offer better course authoring by adding Curator to your platform.

Instructors – engage with your students by creating multimedia courses.

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