Protecting sensitive and mission critical data from internal and external threats is paramount at all government agencies. DLT Solutions and, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure security and compliance automation, have partnered to focus on making it easier for government agencies to secure their cloud environments via the Evident Security Platform. The Evident Security Platform (ESP) provides the ability to assess risks within your Amazon Web Services environment and continuously monitors your cloud infrastructure to automatically identify and assess security misconfigurations, thus making remediating the issues easy. ESP gathers AWS API metadata from your environment via Amazon API’s. This data is then input into the ESP risk analysis engine which generates a detailed assessment of the security risks, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities it detects.


PSaaS Datasheet.pdf

ESP for Federal AWS Clouds Datasheet.pdf



As an AWS Authorized Public Sector Partner and Advanced Technology Partner, delivers a continuous cloud security and compliance solution that makes it easy to ensure GRC (Governance, Risk Management, & Compliance) and AWS best security practices and compliance standards are implemented, monitored and enforced at all times. The Evident Security Platform (ESP) helps organizations proactively manage security risk and compliance of AWS infrastructure with a single pane of glass view across all AWS accounts, services, and regions. Designed to manage the complexity and rapid change of high velocity, DevOps environments, ESP continuously monitors your entire AWS infrastructure providing automated threat detection, incident response, and compliance. With ESP, dev, ops, and security teams become more productive and efficient as security and compliance are automated and integrated into development and release processes. Built on Amazon Web Services APIs, ESP is agent-less and can be deployed to even the most complex environments in minutes. Find more information about the ESP for Federal AWS Clouds solution here and more about the ESP Private SaaS solution here.

ESP also provides:

  • Customizable Dashboards: Actionable views into your infrastructure risks by team, region, severity, status, signature, or timeframe
  • Detailed Report of Every Risk: Detailed information about the risk including user attribution, affected resources, teams and see all the available alert detail including a code snippet that describes the exact problem
  • Guided Remediation: Easy-to-follow guided remediation steps you can use to get your infrastructure back to a secure state.

Complete View

Stakeholders have an easy way to view, monitor and report on the security and compliance of their entire AWS ecosystem.

One-Click Reporting

No more spending weeks of interrogating systems to aggregate a compliance report. With one click, you can run a report and then export it in the form needed for auditors, saving money.

Faster Remediation

Because monitoring, assessment, and remediation of the cloud infrastructure risk are all managed from a single platform in real-time, risks are detected and remediated quickly.

Compliance From Start

Monitoring security throughout the entire development lifecycle ensures compliance from the beginning and avoid expensive changes late in the cycle.

Reporting Made Easy

We’ve mapped the security checks to each of the compliance frameworks, so your team can produce reports without needing for specialized knowledge.

Less Disruption

Providing auditors read-only access to self-service compliance reports creates a whole new layer of abstraction to protect your operational and development teams from disruption and distraction.

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