​ThreatSTOP is a network security company offering a cloud-based threat protection service that protects every device and workload on a network from cyberattacks and data theft. It can protect any network, from virtual cloud networks to branch LANs to the largest carrier networks. The service leverages market-leading threat intelligence to deflect inbound and outbound threats, including botnet, phishing and ransomware attacks, and prevents data exfiltration. 

Automate the process of operationalizing intelligence

Even with all your existing security layers, threats are still getting into your network. While attackers are motivated and more sophisticated, your security products don't always integrate, resources are scarce and manual processes take too long. The ThreatSTOP platform transforms 200+ threat feeds into actionable security policies to block real-time threats for your whole network.

Products that make up the platform

DNS Defense​

  • ​​Threats are continuously discovered by ThreatSTOP's security researchers, tracked by the 200+ authoritative threat intelligence sources they integrate into their platform, automatically shared as policy updates direct to your DNS firewall.
  • Attacks are prevented by neutralizing malware's ability to call home, eliminating data destruction or exfiltration that has bypassed existing network security layers.
  • Advanced reporting provides full visibility into blocked DNS queries and identifies infected machines, allowing for efficient and accurate remediation.

IP Defense

  • ​​Automatically delivers the latest actionable threat intelligence to network firewalls, routers and switches based on user-defined policies.
  • Proactively blocks or redirects inbound malware, DDoS and other attacks, regardless of attack type or vulnerability. Renders your network invisible to scanners, so attackers move on.
  • Prevents data theft by stopping malware from "phoning home" to threat actors. Prevents activation of ransomware, such as Cryptowall and Cryptolocker.

Roaming Defense

  • Your security on the road: Takes their DNS Defense and delivers it to individual endpoints, providing the same security for your team when your laptop is off the corporate network. Essentially, putting a DNS firewall on your laptop. No relying on VPN or unknown wifi network security.

Check IOC Subscription

  • ​Rich Metadata and Passive DNS.
  • Their database of known malicious IPs has grown: 24 million indicators of compromise keep you safe.
  • Optional API Service available to automatically check for indicators of compromise.
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