The CrowdStrike 2022 Global Threat Report is one of the industry’s most anticipated reports and trusted analysis of the modern threat landscape and adversary universe.

Developed based on the first-hand observations of the CrowdStrike Intelligence team and Falcon OverWatch™ elite threat hunters, combined with insights drawn from the vast telemetry of the CrowdStrike Security Cloud, this year’s report provides crucial insights into what security teams need to know — and do — in an increasingly ominous threat landscape. 

The report highlights the observed trends and explores real-world scenarios from 2021 and offers practical recommendations to protect the people, processes and technologies that drive the modern enterprise, including: 

  • How state-sponsored adversaries target IT and cloud service providers to exploit trusted relationships and supply chain partners
  • How state-sponsored adversaries weaponize vulnerabilities to evade detection and gain access to critical applications and infrastructure
  • How sophisticated adversaries are exploiting stolen credentials and identities to amplify ransomware big game hunting attacks and infiltrate cloud environments
  • How malicious actors are intensifying attacks on critical cloud infrastructure with new, sophisticated approaches 
  • How organizations can protect themselves from all of the above — and more

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