The latest edition of the CrowdStrike Global Threat Report comes at a critical time for organizations around the world. Adversaries have become more sophisticated, relentless and destructive in their attacks, as evidenced by the emergence of several trends in 2022 that threaten enterprise productivity and global stability. It is imperative that businesses pay attention to these changes in the threat landscape and respond with a stronger, more proactive defense.

Nation-state activity was front and center throughout 2022. The year started ominously as Russia’s deadly war of aggression in Ukraine brought about a terrible human toll, threatened international order and put countless global organizations at risk of spillover cyberattacks. China state-nexus adversaries accelerated their cyber espionage campaigns throughout the year, and Iranian actors launched destructive “lock-and-leak” operations using ransomware.

The 2023 Global Threat Report shows security must parallel the slope of technology innovation.  As enterprise technology matures, security must also evolve to match the sophistication of the technology organizations rely on. This slope of innovation applies to adversary activity as well: With every innovation we achieve, we can expect adversaries to seek new ways to exploit it. 

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