The 2024 edition of the CrowdStrike Global Threat Report arrives amid a surge in cyberattacks, marked by rapidity and sophistication. As adversaries compress timelines between entry, lateral movement, and breach, the emergence of generative AI lowers barriers for less skilled attackers, amplifying threats. This dynamic reshapes security paradigms, rendering the 'good enough' cybersecurity approach obsolete. With organizations transitioning to the cloud, adversaries exploit cloud-specific features, emphasizing identity-based attacks to bypass multifactor authentication. Further complicating defense, adversaries deploy legitimate tools, blurring lines between normal activity and breach.

We're entering a cyber arms race, where AI augments both security and adversarial impact, necessitating cutting-edge defenses. Legacy systems are ill-equipped to counter modern threats. The 2024 Global Threat Report equips with actionable insights on cloud vulnerabilities, identity theft, supply chain attacks, and potential election targeting. Adversaries exploit gaps in cloud protection, leverage stolen identities for initial access, and exploit trusted software for maximum attack returns. Additionally, the report highlights the looming threat of election targeting, potentially reshaping global geopolitics. As threats evolve, staying ahead demands proactive measures informed by the latest intelligence.

The report delves into adversary tactics:

  • Exploiting cloud protection gaps
  • Sophisticated methods with stolen credentials
  • Rising supply chain attacks for ROI
  • Potential targeting of global elections, shaping geopolitics.

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