In a rapidly evolving landscape where digital transformation is revolutionizing the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, U.S. CAD, an ARKANCE company emerges as a pivotal partner for driving this change. This eBook is designed to serve as an authoritative guide for professionals in the Department of Transportation (DOT) across the United States. It aims to elucidate why U.S. CAD, with its extensive experience, strategic partnerships, and focus on customer-centric solutions, is the go-to expert for leveraging Autodesk software to its fullest potential. While the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) serves as a significant backdrop, providing unprecedented opportunities for infrastructure development, the core of this eBook is U.S. CAD’s value proposition. It delves into how U.S. CAD’s expertise can help DOTs navigate the complexities of modernizing their operations and infrastructure, making the most of both technological advancements and policy-driven support.

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