Cloud technologies enable organizations to become more agile and responsive. 89% of organizations now have a multicloud strategy in place, and 80% have a hybrid cloud strategy.

This whitepaper will show you how to accelerate growth and stay competitive by automating your hybrid cloud at scale.  

Connect your clouds, teams, and workflows.

Most organizations use a variety of tools to administer their environments, often resulting in inconsistencies and redundancies. The scale of cloud environments—the number of resources in use—can be nearly infinite, making it difficult to manage and understand your organization’s use and costs.

Organizations often adopt container-based and cloud-native technologies with their cloud environments, requiring staff to attain new knowledge and skills.

This whitepaper demonstrates:

  1. How automation connects your cloud environment
  2. How to maximize the value of your cloud environment
  3. How to automate your cloud with Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform
  4. Process for starting your cloud automation journey

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