What if your test suite could automatically fix itself? Host Mike Fitzurka and expert guest Arthur Hicken explore that intriguing concept around leveraging AI for self-healing tests. As user interface and end-to-end testing becomes essential for DevOps teams, flaky and fragile tests increasingly slow down delivery pipelines. Hicken explains innovative capabilities for AI to observe test executions, determine root causes of recurring failures, and make selective repairs to tests - adjusting test scripts to adapt to UI changes automatically while preserving original test intent. Tune in to hear real-world insights around self-healing tests, running AI testing tools fully on-premise for security, and test analysis techniques to maximize efficiency gains. Discover how artificial intelligence promises to empower test automation with built-in resilience, adapting tests to code changes automatically. Don't miss Mike and Arthur's practical discussion on this emerging capability to tame your unruly UI test suite.


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