Radiology and Imaging Sciences (RIS), part of the Clinical Center at NIH, stores, protects and manages images and publishes research for thousands of NIH researchers who analyze everything from cancer to the common cold. A single study can generate up to 82,000 images. Often, these images consist of CT scans, ultrasound and other unstructured data formats.

Challenged with managing exponential data growth, the Clinical Center wanted a more efficient, scalable way to harness the full potential of its file management system. It sought a partner whose cloud platform could store and protect one of the world’s most important repositories of medical data and imaging and do so with the highest standards of security and compliance.

To accommodate future data growth, the NIH has the flexibility to balance performance, access, scale and cost by transparently accessing data across locations. It can increase capacity whenever needed simply by adding new drive technology and more units or further harnessing the cloud, giving researchers the ability to access data from any location through a single interface. ORock’s flat-rate billing model with no charge for data egress delivers significant savings and a cost-effective approach to data access.


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