Despite heightened risks over data breaches, over 40% of organizations do not have a proper cybersecurity strategy. Making cybersecurity the DNA of an organization is not an easy undertaking, but not impossible, right? It might take a lot of effort to identify gaps in the business procedures where hackers could sneak in. Organizations should also ramp up their defense procedures by instilling complete transparency over cybersecurity risks. But first, they should build a holistic approach to cybersecurity, a posture that combines employees, processes, and technologies. This final panel is the Epilogue which will examine holistic approaches to cybersecurity strategy which can be obtained by mixing integrated security methods, impactful employee upskilling/reskilling, robust infrastructure, best risk-analysis programs, effective policies, and building a culture of cybersecurity as a shared responsibility.


  • Joyce Hunter, Exec.Director, ICIT & Former Deputy CIO for Policy & Planning, USDA
  • Janet Vogel, CISO, HHS
  • Jothi Dugar, CISO, NIH
  • Venice Goodwine, CISO, USDA
  • Sherry Bennett, PH.D., Chief Data Scientist, DLT Solutions

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