Though similar in capability, DataWalk and Palantir have different business models. Palantir solutions may include a huge services component, often including significant custom software development, and this can dramatically increase solution price. Further, there maybe significant and unpredictable ongoing costs for ongoing professional services associated with importing new data, changing the data model, and so forth.

In contrast, DataWalk’s business model is not services-intensive, and we strive to ensure that when we do development, that all customers get the benefit. DataWalk provides Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS), such that we maintain a single code base, have new software releases every 2-3 months, and make all enhancements to the application available to all of our customers. DataWalk strives to enable customers to do more of thework themselves, if they desire, for things like modifying the data model and connecting new data sources. This reduces the need for significant ongoing professional services..DataWalk is a software company, and though we offer appropriate professional services, we are not a services company.

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