In its January 2011 issue, Desktop Engineering Magazine reviewed and comparison of current high-performance computing workstations available. The article, “Bragging Right” by David Cohn discusses how BOXX Technologies’ 3DBOXX 4860 XTREME ranked top overall in performance compared to other similar commercially available workstations.

Download a free copy of this article see how computer experts rated BOXX Technologies 3DBOXX 4860 XTREME workstation as the top-in-class for its speed and performance capabilities.

DLT Solutions partners with BOXX Technologies to provide high performance BOXX solutions. Renowned expertise, record-setting performance, and innovative integration of leading technology has enabled BOXX to produce state-of-the-art rendering systems and workstations, as well as motion media and industry specific solutions for architecture/engineering firms, defense/government agencies, VFX studios, media companies, post production houses, universities, and more.

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