Shifting your DevSecOps testing practices to the earliest stages of code development is quickly becoming the future of security assurance in DoD and government security-critical programs. The state of today's reliance on vastly interconnected IT systems has required heightened security needs that have surpassed the traditional approach of DevSecOps. Modern development organizations must consider security at the earliest stages of development to ensure that security and quality are built into every aspect of their application.

In this webinar, brought to you in partnership by DLT and Parasoft, learn how to approach security test automation for both greenfield and legacy development, key opportunities to consider when getting started, as well as how to adopt streamlined developer-centric security workflows to ensure "security@speed" is a reality for your DevOps pipeline.

Key takeaways:

  • How to automate the application of industry coding guidelines (OWASP, CWE, CERT, PCI-DSS), as part of your CI/CD processes, to provide the foundation for secure code bases and security compliance
  • Best practices and workflows to successfully transform DevSecOps at the enterprise
  • Metrics for development managers and security leads for ongoing and real-time assessment of security compliance