You need two types of visibility and analytics when implementing Zero Trust; those provided by the network analysis (packets) and those provided by hosts, processes, services, and application analysis (agents). Dynatrace provides visibility and analytics on what is running on the host (agents) with the planning, execution, and maintenance of Zero Trust. Dynatrace will allow you to understand the mapping, user experience and impact prior and during the implementation of a Zero Trust roll out.  

Dynatrace addresses the commonly discussed 5 pillars of Zero Trust: 

  1. Identity: Dynatrace automatically maps out the environment horizontally and vertically through the application stack.  
  2. Device: Dynatrace helps understand in real time open-source application vulnerabilities running on your hosts and containerized environments. 
  3. Network: Dynatrace assists by letting you understand hosts and how various applications, services and processes access the network.  
  4. Applications: Dynatrace provides visibility and mapping in your application stack and what your vulnerability footprint is.  
  5. Data: Dynatrace helps operations, development and security teams understand what applications, services and users are accessing data.  

This solution brief provides an overview of how Dynatrace addresses these five pillars for federal agencies today.


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