The challenges of digital transformation are driving enterprises to seek new levels of operational efficiency, business process agility and security in their essential business applications and services. NSX is VMware’s innovative Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution that delivers simplified management, micro-segmentation security, provisioning agility and enhanced data center economics. With NSX, networks can be programmatically managed and provisioned on demand, resulting in improved service velocity, enhanced security, and rapid disaster recovery.

It is essential to maintain the performance of applications and services across any SDDC environment, including VMware NSX. IT personnel must quickly resolve issues that arises (MeanTime-to-Resolution – MTTR), and in many cases prove it is NOT an NSX issue at all (Mean-Timeto-Innocence – MTTI). This challenge is further compounded by the complexity of enterprise multi-cloud strategies and the wide variety of network, application, infrastructure and security issues that can impact services across the SDDC environment.