In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead in Public Safety training is crucial. Discover how innovative EdTech solutions are revolutionizing training methodologies, ensuring continuous skill development, and ultimately enhancing performance within your agency.

You won't want to miss this quick 30-minute webinar brought to you by TD SYNNEX Public Sector and Blackboard. This recording delves into the transformative power of educational technology in shaping the future-ready workforce for Public Safety agencies.

What You'll Learn:
Insights from industry experts on the latest advancements in Public Safety education technology.
Strategies for leveraging EdTech to create effective, online learning solutions tailored to your agency's needs.
Real-world examples of how technology is driving innovation in Public Safety training, from first responders to corrections officers.

Meet Our Expert Panel:
Thomas Herrmann, Senior Account Executive at Anthology
Rob Turner, Business Development Manager at AWS
Ben Jones, Former Education Director at Wisconsin Department of Corrections

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