This e-book provides a blueprint for your open hybrid cloud architectural advantage.

Whether paying taxes, registering for school, applying for a driver’s license, applying for citizenship, etc. individuals are placing a significant volume of information in the hands of public organizations.

Although public cloud adoption continues to grow, some enterprise applications and data just aren’t a good fit for the public cloud. This is especially true for government agencies due to security, governance & compliance requirements. This means keeping some information “in house” while migrating other data to the cloud.

Much has changed since the early days of cloud computing with the cloud landscape continuing to evolve.

So how does hybrid cloud and Kubernetes fit into the equation? 

The hybrid cloud and Kubernetes e-book provides a glimpse into the current and future state of hybrid cloud, plus how to gain the most value for your organization. 

Included in this e-book are the 3 pillars for transforming your:

  • Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • People, process & culture

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