IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence simplifies your intelligence management while improving detection and response with experts who can design, build, deliver, and operate an automated cyber threat platform. This solution provides accurate, up-to-the minute cyber threat data from both common and unique sources and the ability to share the information with your organization, industry, and communities. X-Force threat intelligence sources combined with our incident response services can help you stay ahead of attacks and better understand the risks.

If your organization is using traditional threat intelligence management practices, you’ve already discovered they’re not sustainable in today’s cyber threat environment. The manual effort to maintain spreadsheets and emails puts a strain on your team. Worse, it doesn’t deliver the value you need from key data sources. Without strong, trusted intelligence, you’re unable to glean the insights you need to act swiftly against threats. 

In this solution brief, you will glean insights on how to support your organizations at tactical, operational, and strategic-levels to turn intelligence into
actionable insights to be shared across your organization industry, and communities.

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