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Last year was a volatile year in the cybersecurity arena, with both national and global events coalescing to provide threat actors with opportunity on an unprecedented scale. Attend this session to get a fresh lens on the biggest cyber risks affecting the threat landscape today and learn the top security tips and trends organizations are doing to adapt to our new normal.

Join Incident Response and Threat Intelligence leaders in this on demand recording as they walk you through highlights of the much anticipated 2022 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report and get actionable insight including:

  • The explosive growth of attacks on operational technology (OT) in the enterprise
  • Increasing destructive attacks, and innovation in malware types including ransomware
  • Most common 2021 initial infection vectors, from common phishing to more rare attacks
  • Geographical breakdown of threats and threat actors, top countries affected by spam, and regional events that could be targeted by cybercriminal scammers
  • Industry trends including retail climbing the ranks of the top targeted industries in the past year.

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