Zero Trust is rapidly becoming the security model of choice among IT leaders as it is a valid and trusted approach to identity security. With a more intentional method for security and privileged access management, Zero Trust’s mantra of “never trust, always verify” differs from the least privileged model. This tech brief covers the components of achieving a robust security posture, including these points:

  • Establishing ‘identity as the perimeter’ addresses many core tenets of this security model. Notably, that approach requires a unified solution for reliable provisioning, entitlement management, PAM, strong authentication, safe access and governance.
  • In a Zero Trust model, all communication is secured but untrusted.
  • Providing a ‘single source of truth’ – centralized and synchronized identity data – gives organizations complete control of the identities and resources. It can only truly be achieved when this concept of entitlement is nailed down first.
  • No single piece of the puzzle delivers the complete security model but combining solutions well does.