Rancher Government Solutions NeuVector Provides unmatched security. NeuVector is the industry’s only layer 7 container firewall, providing in-line gated segmentation to protect more than 35 application protocols with built-in, push-button Security as Code deployment to automate and replicate security policies. With integrated Container Deep Packet Inspection, container application inspection, and comprehensive host security, you can preemptively protect containers against attacks from internal and external networks and eliminate the ability for an insider attack or newly introduced vulnerability to execute.

NeuVector sits in-line with your application containers in its own container, always vigilant. It helps you achieve compliance with NIST, HIPAA, STIG and other standards by providing and reporting on network segmentation, vulnerability scanning and remediation, security auditing, access controls, encryption, and sensitive data protection with built-in container DLP, (Container Data Loss Prevention). And, if you’re in pursuit of container ATO, NeuVector automates the needed security controls, continuous assessment, monitoring, and protection process to make attainment easy.

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