The federal government provides myriad services, benefits and assistance to hundreds of millions of Americans each year, and IT underpins nearly all of the systems that carry out those operations. However, a great many of those systems run on legacy technology and require significant modernization. 

In this eBook, Nextgov highlights how agencies are tapping new funds to ditch legacy systems and address gaps in cybersecurity and service delivery. 

What's Inside

  • Biden Requests Significant IT, Cyber Investment Increases for 2023: Tech and cybersecurity spending would receive major boosts under President Joe Biden’s proposed 2023 budget. 
  • Why Biden's Proposed Investment in Space Object Surveillance is a Big Deal: Space policy and technology experts weighed in on the nearly 800% increase for the Office of Space Commerce included in the FY2023 budget request. 
  • Pentagon’s Effort to Supply Department-wide Cloud Capabilities is Delayed, Again: Officials say they essentially underestimated how long it would take to review plans from the four cloud service providers.

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