Skills Gaps Persist
Despite the economic conditions, continuous investment in technical upskilling is starting to yield positive results. According to our 2024 Technical Skills Report, 78% of organizations have seen improvements in their IT skills gaps since last year. However, challenges remain.

Top Skills Gaps
Cybersecurity and cloud computing remain the top skills gaps, placing a significant burden on employees. For nearly a quarter of organizations, skills gaps have either stayed the same or worsened over the past year, primarily due to staff losses and the complexities of new technologies.

Key Areas of Concern
This year, executives and technologists around the globe identify cybersecurity, cloud, and software development as the most critical skills gaps. Notably, software development has replaced data as the third largest gap for the first time since 2021.

Filling the Gap
Our report emphasizes the importance of targeted upskilling to bridge these gaps. Discover effective strategies to overcome barriers, create a culture of continuous learning, and ensure long-term value for your organization.

Read our full report to learn more about how to address these challenges and drive ROI through upskilling initiatives.

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