Powering the Future of Data: Hortonworks DataFlow for Govies​ eBookGovernment agencies must be able to connect, collect, and curate data from a broad spectrum of connected yet disparate data sources – sensors, machines, geo-location devices, social feeds, server logs, and more. Massive and dynamically changing data streams generated by IoT and other systems must be able to ingest and process this information in a timely fashion – before its value perishes – in a compliant, secure, scalable, and reliable manner.


Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) addresses the most compelling use cases of today’s government agencies struggling to find predictive insights from their large volumes of data-in-motion.

Hortonworks DataFlow is a single combined platform for data acquisition, simple event processing, transport and delivery, designed to accommodate the highly diverse and complicated dataflows generated by a world of connected people, systems and things.

This book introduces you to the HDF platform and how it relates to public sector missions.